The Infinity Step Team is an arts and entertainment club at Cazenovia College. The team provides students with the opportunity to learn and perform the traditional, historic, and modern dance form known as step—the collective movements of hands, feet and other body parts to create a stylish rhythmic collaboration. Student participation instills values of motivation, discipline, self-worth, and interpersonal skills through the activity of stepping.
Student members are often recruited during Quad Day, or through word of mouth from the current members amongst social gatherings. On some occasions, spontaneous performances at events, such as school parties, or during dining hall hours in the cafeteria creates interest. The Step Team consists of 14 members and is led by Michael Johnson, criminal justice senior, who has been president for two years.
Johnson shares that culture is a focus saying, "The Infinity Step Team is more than just a club, it is a culture. Step goes back a long way. For example, back in times of slavery, it was used as a form of communication between field workers to avoid the slave master from understanding what they were saying."
Additionally, Johnson spoke a lot about how the club was more of a family than just a student organization, while also acknowledging some of the hardships that come with that aspect. "A lot of students, if not all of us, who join the Step Team end up becoming very close. We are like a family!"
Johnson also talks about the positives of the club discipline, especially in difficult situations. "With school and other obligations, sometimes we become crunched for time when it comes to practices before an upcoming show. It is during these times that we thrive the most. Everybody shows up to practices and puts in 100 percent effort to making sure we are prepared for the show. Sometimes it feels like we do best under pressure."
The Infinity Step Team's most recent performance was during Midnight Madness during the 2018 fall semester. The upcoming performances will include Kuumba Ujima, the halftime performance during Battle of the Airbands, and future men's basketball games at Cazenovia College.
Students of all majors and backgrounds are welcome to audition for the Step Team. The tryout process is covered over a three-day period, with the first two days being practice days for new students to learn the steps and the third day to judge performances. The panel of student judges is made up of returning members, who are looking for efficiency, rhythm, and personality. If the student is selected, an email is sent to them regarding any additional information needed in preparation for becoming a member of the club, as well as congratulating those who have been accepted.
If you are interested in trying out for the Infinity Step Team, or have questions about the club, email the club's president Michael Johnson at
Written by Walid Ibrahim, communication studies senior