The Quad newspaper at Cazenovia College has been published on campus for years and has always been around to further connect students with on-campus events and activities. This year, the paper has gotten somewhat of a fresh start, with new student editors and mostly new staff who plan to rework the Quad and make it better than ever.

“Journalism is really important right now and we don’t see much on campus these days,” says Quad co-editor and Cazenovia College Senior Abi Wilhelm, who handles student submissions for the paper. Her other co-editor, Carrie Farmer, handles grammar and writing style. Abi is one of five people working to create and produce three editions per semester, and they are always looking for new members and submissions.

“I like helping to produce something important that helps people and improves the connection between the college and its students," said Wilhelm. She finds news and journalistic integrity very important and aims to preserve those values through her work on the paper. All of the other Quad staff are just as ready and committed to producing a quality product with each new issue.

There are many reasons to join the club, whether you want to improve your writing skills, share skills like illustration or photography, or grow a deeper connection to the campus. Submissions can take many different forms, as Abi says, “There’s more you can do than you can’t." Anyone interested in joining can submit a piece through the Quad’s email ( or attend club meetings at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in Eddy 107.


Eric Brenan, Communication Studies '23