Isaiah Harris
Name: Isaiah Harris
Position: Attack
Hometown/High School: Rome, NY/ Rome Free Academy
Class: Sr.
Major: Criminal Justice
Fans Can Follow Me on Twitter at: @Napzdarealist
Fans Can Follow Me on Instagram at: @_zayy35

Favorite Food or Restaurant: Popeyes
Favorite Movie or TV Show: Power
Dream Job: Security guard for Kyle Durkee
Favorite Professional Sports Team(s): Buffalo Bills
Favorite Professional Athlete(s): Russell Westbrook
Pre-game Ritual: Scarf down a Popeyes chicken sandwich
Hidden Talents: truffle shuffle
Nickname(s): zay, mookie

Why did you decide to join Cazenovia College Athletics?
I decided to join Cazenovia College Athletics because I felt like this program fit me perfectly and allowed me to flourish as an athlete. It has allowed me to grow as a man and also, an overall better person.

What is your least favorite memory as an athlete and how has that experience made you a better person and/or athlete?
My least favorite moment as an athlete was playing in my senior games for both Basketball and Football. It made me realize more that I must cherish the great times and the bad times that come with playing sports because one day you won’t be able to play anymore. It has taught me to always give it my all on the Lacrosse field.

Who is your biggest influence in your life and why?
My biggest influence in my life is my mother. As a single mother, she has taught me that nothing in life will be handed to you and you must always put 100% into everything you do. She also taught to never give up on my goals and dreams and that anything is achievable as long as you put in the work.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In 10 years, I hope to be working in Law Enforcement and serving and protecting my community.
Isaiah Harris

What is your most memorable moment here at Cazenovia College?
My most memorable moment here at Cazenovia College was my first Lacrosse practice because I would soon realize that everyone on that team would become lifelong brothers.

If you were to meet a professional athlete, who would it be and why?
If I were to meet a professional athlete, I would want to meet Russell Westbrook because I admire his passion and drive when he plays every basketball game.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Some of my favorite hobbies include playing video games, going hiking, and hanging out with my friends.

When did you start playing this sport? Was it something that changed your life?
I started playing Lacrosse my freshman year of High School. I believe that Lacrosse has changed my life because it has improved my communication skills and allowed me to meet lifelong friends.

Without this sport, would you be the same person you are today? Why?
If I didn’t have Lacrosse in my life, I feel like I wouldn’t be the same person I am today because I would be much lazier and not as motivated. I also wouldn’t have built that drive to constantly better myself.

Describe what it is like to be a part of the Cazenovia community.
Being a part of the Cazenovia community is amazing. It’s a small place which allows you to really get to know everyone. I feel at home when I’m here at Caz.

How would you describe yourself as an athlete? What motivates you as a player?
If I would describe myself as an athlete, I would describe myself as a motivated emotional player that plays with my heart on my sleeve. My mother and my hometown is what motivates me as a player because I want to make them proud.

What is one item you can’t live without?
One item I couldn’t live without is my iPhone. It’s my lifeline and has everything I need.

Favorite pre-game warm up song?
My Favorite pre-game warm song is any song by YBN Cordae

Finish this sentence: My time here as a Cazenovia College Wildcat has been…
A rollercoaster, but I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

What advice do you have for your freshman self?
If I could give advice to my freshman self, I would tell him to enjoy every second of being a college athlete. All of the running, all of the losses, the good times and bad because one day it will be over, and it will only be a memory.