The Art and Design programs at Cazenovia College seek students with a variety of skills, experiences, and backgrounds. A portfolio should exhibit creativity, a design sensibility, and potential for success as a student of Art and Design at Cazenovia College.

As a student intending to major in one of our Art and Design programs, you have the option of submitting a portfolio when you apply or develop a portfolio during your first year under the guidance of our faculty. If you choose to develop your portfolio in your first year, you will be able to take the appropriate coursework toward the BFA degree and declare your major once your portfolio has been approved by an Art and Design program director. Faculty are available to work with you during your first year to help you develop the portfolio.


How to Submit Your Portfolio During the Application Process

In Person
To schedule your in-person portfolio review with an Art and Design professor, contact Cazenovia College Admissions at 1-800-654-3210.

Open Houses
These events offer limited appointment times for which you can sign up in advance. Upcoming opportunities include:

  • Art & Design Divisional Open House (winter ‘23, date tbd)
  • Accepted Students’ Day, April 15
  • Spring Open House, April 29

One-On-One Virtual Meetings (example: Zoom, Teams)
To schedule a virtual meeting to review your portfolio, email the appropriate program director from the list below.

If you are unable to come in person, digital portfolios can be submitted via WeTransfer, a free service for file transfers up to 2GB. Simply insert the email address for the appropriate program director listed below when sending your files using WeTransfer.

What to Include:

  • 8 – 12 examples of your best and recent work
  • You may include a variety of media: painting, drawing, photography, digital work, ceramics, sculpture, sewn garments, animation, video, etc. Observational drawing is recommended.
  • Alternatives for students wishing to study fashion or interior design could include examples of work demonstrating your design sense. These could include: a proposal for a room re-do (or images of a space you had input in creating), photos of garments you have made or fashion looks you have styled, theater scenery, a trend board, etc.
  • You may choose to include a written statement of 500 words or less to introduce yourself as a creative person and give us a sense of your passion and process.

Submission Requirements:

  • Images in JPG, PNG, PDF, or videos in MP4, MPEG, or Quicktime. Videos should be a maximum of five minutes in length.
  • Label each digital file: i.e. LastName, First Name, Image Name.Number
  • Create a Word document to accompany your image files. This document should be a list of each image file with: File name, title, media, dimensions (if applicable) and a brief description.
  • You may include details or multiple views if needed; indicate if the image shows a detail or multiple views.


Program Director Contact Information

Arts Management Portfolios
Send to: Program Director Anita Welych
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

Interior Design Portfolios
Send to: Program Director Cheri Enigk
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

Fashion Design Portfolios
Send to: Program Director Karen Steen
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

Photography Portfolios
Send to: Program Director Sarah Cross
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

Studio Art Portfolios
Send to: Program Director Jen Pepper
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

Visual Communications Portfolios
Includes Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Interactive Design
Send To: Program Director Scott Jensen
Email Address:
Go to WeTransfer

If you have questions of for more information, please contact Cazenovia College Admissions at 1-800-654-3210 or the appropriate Program Director directly.