Class of 2021
“Everyone treats you like family here. It really is that close.”


Why Cazenovia College?

My friends had all gone here before me (I’m kind of the baby in my friend group) and they had shown me around before coming here and I just fell in love with the community.


Why History and Social Science?

Dr. Greene is seriously the best part of being a History and Social Science major. Being in his classroom makes you feel like a real scholar. Just taking one of his courses makes you a better student all around. He really gets you to think in a totally different way. My favorite, specifically, was his 1960s class. He lived through that era and has a strong personal connection that makes you feel like you’re in that time with him.


Washburn Teaching Fellowship

My Washburn Teaching Fellowship was really interesting. It’s not something that’s offered at other schools. It’s essentially a student-teaching gig where you get to “fake” being a professor for two whole semesters and they don’t offer that anywhere else except for Caz.


Softball at Caz

This will be my 18th year in total playing softball, 4 at Cazenovia. I believe the sports community in Caz really enhanced my experience here. Every athlete here is respectable and treats each other like family.


Future Plans

In the future, I plan on teaching History in a high school setting and coaching.


Advice to Future Students

Make connections while you're here with everyone, not just students. The staff here really cares. From Dr. C and his dogs to Mr. Mark and his tool shop. Everyone here wants to see you thrive. Don't be scared to ask for help - we’re a family here.