Brittany Townsend My Caz Experience
Class of 2020
“If you love teaching and want to make a difference, build your education, and be a better educator, this is the program for you. In the time you spend at Cazenovia, you will discover your potential and your dreams.”

Why the Cazenovia College Continuing Education Program?

I heard about Cazenovia from my assistant teacher. I was intrigued by the fact that Cazenovia’s program was focused on adults and individuals wanting to continue their education, as well as it being located near my home. I have three kids and work full-time, but I also wanted to continue my education. This program fit perfectly into my schedule and allowed me to pursue my education without needing to sacrifice all my time with my family to focus on classes.

Why Early Childhood Education?

One of the many things I love about being enrolled in this Education program is being able to take what I have learned and apply it in the classroom. I love teaching, and seeing the sparks that ignite when a student makes connections between what they know and what I have taught them is what inspires me to keep pushing forward. I want to better myself to become the best teacher I can be and become better for my students.

Student Teaching

While at Cazenovia, I completed both of my student teaching placements. My supervising teacher and classroom supervisor provided me such valuable feedback. I never felt inadequate as a teacher, but learned from educators with years of experience on how to improve my own teaching. In terms of shaping me as an educator and having me examine and question my own educational philosophy, being in the classroom during student teaching was the most valuable part of this whole experience.

Future Plans

I am hoping to obtain a career position in my school district. I plan on pursuing my Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning through SUNY, eventually earning a Master’s in Building Administration in order to become a principal.

Advice to Future Students

I would like to tell future students to never give up, even if they think it will be too hard or if they don’t think they can do it. Just try. Believe in yourself. You may be astonished by your own abilities.