Candace Pollydore My Caz Experience
Class of 2020
“I thoroughly enjoyed my courses at Caz. They allowed me to gain a deeper understanding into some of the issues I deal with at work.”

Why the Cazenovia College Continuing Education Program?

I heard about Cazenovia College from my academic advisor at HVCC while I was a student there. Not only did the Continuing Education Program offer a major in Human Services – something I am really passionate about - but it enabled me to continue working full-time while studying part-time by taking evening and online classes. It was what exactly I needed as I sought to add to my existing Associate’s Degree in Human Services.

Why Human Services?

I have a natural interest in people and a desire to see them win in life regardless of their circumstances. I have worked in the Human service field for the past nine years. I work with adolescent girls with mental health and behavioral problems. Crisis management is a major part of my job.

Internships at Caz

I completed an internship at St. Anne Institute in the Therapeutic Innovative Programming unit. It was an interesting experience working with traumatized youth. The program was set in place to expose them to therapeutic recreation activities in an effort to help with the healing process from the trauma they had experienced. This internship opened my eyes to the tangible benefits therapeutic activities have on youth dealing with trauma.

Future Plans

In the immediate future, I plan to work with the Office of Children and Family Services. I later plan to start my own non-profit organization.

Advice to Future Students

My words of encouragement to future students would be to take advantage of all that Caz has to offer. Your experience there will be rich and rewarding if you do. Whenever you feel challenged by the workload, remember the words of Joshua J. Marine: “Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Be an overcomer!