Class of 2020
“I know I will be leaving Caz with confidence in my education and a network of connections with peers and professors.”
Why Cazenovia College?
I first heard about Cazenovia College from my best friend who was looking for an equine school, and she informed me that they had a good design program. I chose Cazenovia because the area reminded me of home with the small community. I wanted a small school where the students, staff, and faculty are a family.

Why major in Visual Communications, Graphic Design?
I became interested in the field because I wanted to explore my artistic side. I was always drawing as a child and became a fairly talented illustrator. I chose graphic design because I felt I could go more places with that degree. I love pretty much everything about my major. Sometimes there are long hours of tedious work and creative challenges, but it is worth it. I have many projects that I am very proud of. I also enjoy working with peers and professors during my projects. The outside feedback is extremely helpful during the design process.

Do you have a minor?
I chose to minor in business management because I wanted to understand consumer behavior and marketing to better apply it to my design work. I also thought it would be useful because I’d like to work as a graphic designer and one day open my own design firm.

Advice to Others
You only get out what you put into your education. Everyone at Cazenovia wants to see you succeed, but no one will be holding your hand the entire way. Put in the time and effort to go above and beyond and it will be recognized. I always put in my best effort in all my classes, and as a reward the design professors chose me as the best candidate to work for the school as a Master Student in Professor Jensen’s Humorous Cartooning class.

Reflection on Cazenovia Experience
Cazenovia College is like a family where you know most of the faces on campus, and you are also able to create bonds with professors that you would not get at a big university. The professors go above and beyond to ensure their students are receiving the best learning experiences for their future career. I know I will be leaving Caz with confidence in my education and a network of connections with peers and professors.

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