Class of 2020
“Cazenovia College gave me the opportunity to cross oceans and grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible.”
Why Cazenovia College?
Cazenovia was my grandmother’s alma mater, which is what initially drew me to the College. I came from a small high school, and I wanted a similar environment in college. Cazenovia combines the small setting with a lot of opportunity. It has been a great fit for me.

Why major in English?
I have always loved reading and writing which was sparked by my mom reading to me as a child. There is a lot of fluidity in majoring in English. I have taken all types of courses from the more traditional poetry and history to studio art and even a coaching course in the athletics department.

Study Abroad
I am so grateful for the scholarships that I received at Cazenovia because they allowed me to do so much. I traveled to Ecuador for a community service outreach program where we spent 11 days helping the underprivileged. I studied abroad in Canterbury, England for a semester. It was an amazing experience to study English literature and the history of Great Britain in England. During that semester, I was also able to travel to Belgium and France, and I went horseback riding in the Netherlands and Wales. Another great experience was traveling to Italy as part of my International Business course. We traveled to Pisa, Venice and Rome. Did you know that the Colosseum was once used as a quarry and that is why so much stone has been removed from it?

Outside of the Classroom
Being a resident advisor as well as being a member of two college sports teams have been extremely fulfilling. Even with all the travel that I have done, I was able to be a member of the Cazenovia equestrian team and the swim team. For four years I have riden Hunter seat, and just this year, I started to ride Western too.

Future Plans
I did an internship with the communications department at Cazenovia writing various pieces, and I learned how much I enjoy talking with people and writing their story. In the future, I hope to write for a newspaper, magazine or publishing company while continuing the novel that I began as part of my capstone project.

Reflection on Cazenovia Experience
Try everything and take advantage of every opportunity there is because that is what gives you the experiences that make your time at Cazenovia incredible.

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