Garret Hansen
Class of 2018
"As a commuter, finding other student musicians at Cazenovia connected me to campus life."
Garret Hansen has known of the College since he, "… was a kid." Garret grew up in Cazenovia, NY, in close proximity to the campus. "After high school football practice, my teammates and I would eat breakfast or lunch in the dining hall," says Garret. As a matter of fact, being able to live at home and commute played a large role in his decision to apply for admission, and then enroll at the College.

Concurrent with attending Cazenovia College is Garret's recent interest in taking up the guitar. "I practice all the time," says Garret. "During nice weather, I play on the Quad." This new passion helped him to meet other students. "As a commuter, finding other student musicians at Cazenovia connected me to campus life," says Garret.
Garret's reputation for guitar has spread, and he was tapped by the student-run Campus Activities Board (CAB) to chair the music committee for the spring semester. "I am responsible for booking all ensembles playing on campus next semester," says Garret. "This includes managing the resources allotted for this part of CAB's entertainment budget," he adds.

With a possible career in law enforcement, Garret declared criminal justice as his major, and enjoys classes with Professor Stu Weisman. He also has a minor in communication studies, another strong program at Cazenovia College, studying under both Professor Heather Ferrara and Professor Maureen Louis.

Cazenovia College provides Garret with a basis for exploring his musical talent, making new friends and finding a path toward professional success. His advice for other college students? "Get comfortable in your own skin … and don't be afraid to put yourself out there to meet new people and find out who you are," says Garret.