Class of 2022
“From my first day on campus until now, I have grown more than I ever could've imagined.”


Why Cazenovia College?

I was originally going to go down to Florida for school but changed my mind right before I graduated high school because I wanted to continue playing baseball in college. Caz was one of the schools I had applied to, so I talked to the baseball coach about potentially playing baseball at Caz before I decided to come. I honestly didn’t know much about Caz when I chose to come here, but it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Why Sport Management?

I've played sports my whole life and have always had a love for sports and competition. I've always known that no matter what happens in my life, it will revolve around sports, whether it is playing sports or working in the sports industry.

When it comes to what I enjoy most about my major, it’s the internships. I worked for a post-grad summer baseball team two years ago and I coached my high school’s summer baseball team this past summer. I got to travel down to Bradenton, Florida for my first internship and I did my second internship in my hometown. Both internships helped me gain experience in the field that I want to work in when I graduate. I'm thankful to have had these internships because they have been really fun and have helped me gain a lot of knowledge.


Baseball at Caz

I’ve playing baseball since I was four years old. My life has revolved around baseball for as long as I can remember and being a part of the program here has been special for me and has helped shape me into the person I am today. I have met lifelong friends while playing baseball here at Caz. The baseball program at Caz really forced me to step out of my comfort zone and go above and beyond what is expected of me. I’ve been a captain of the baseball team for the past two years and I want to set the best example I can for new guys joining our program.

We’ve gone through some coaching changes. We’ve gone through some tough times and some good times. But overall, my four years here have been incredible. Now, I’m with Coach Ludden and his staff and I’m having a great time and I’m excited to be joining his staff next year as a coach.


Future Plans

After I graduate, I plan on taking a year to help coach the baseball team here at Cazenovia. After that, I plan on going to grad school to continue playing baseball and get my master’s degree in either Coaching or Sports Performance.


Advice to Future Students

The first month or so of college is a huge adjustment. It may seem stressful at first, but it gets better the longer you stay on campus. Also, take advantage of the resources that the college offers on-campus. I still find out about new resources the college offers now as a senior, so take advantage of what the college has to offer.

Finally, get involved and step out of your comfort zone. No matter what it is, join clubs or sports and reach out to people you don't know. Making those connections with people right away will make your college experience a lot of fun.