Jorge Guerrero
Class of 2017
"Getting involved in different clubs on campus allowed me to get to know people and leave my mark."
Jorge Guerrero came to Cazenovia College as a quiet, reserved individual. It was not until his sophomore year that he began to break out of his comfort zone and become involved in all that campus life had to offer. "I was one of those kids. I sat in the back of the classroom and spent the rest of the time in my room," says Guerrero. "Now I purposely always sit in the front and I am involved in as many activities as I can."

Wanting to make the most of his four years in college, Guerrero first joined the Campus Activities Board (CAB). From there he continued to become involved with other clubs and by his senior year he was a member of Sigma Alpha Phi, Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Students of Every Diversity (SoED), as well as president and co-founder of the Prank Club and treasurer of the Criminal Justice Club.

In addition to his club involvement, Guerrero is the Resident Advisor representative for the Student Government Association, the student APO liaison at the Cazenovia Chamber of Commerce, a member of the intramural volleyball team and manager for the varsity men's basketball team.

Being so engaged in campus life makes Guerrero a great candidate for speaking to future students about life at Cazenovia College, and he was recently a student panel speaker at a Caz Open House.

"All of these clubs helped me to break out of my shell," Guerrero adds.

The experiences Guerrero has gained from holding these student leadership roles has provided him with a well-honed skill set that will help him meet his goals and be successful in life after graduation. Guerrero graduates this spring and is interested in going into criminal justice to help change his neighborhood and better his community.
Guerrero's experience at Caz has taught him not to limit himself. "I wouldn't be the person that I am today if I didn't come to Caz, and I'm proud of where I'm at because of the opportunities Caz provided."

In addition to the availability of so many extracurricular activities on campus, Guerrero also credits his Caz professors—notably Stewart WeismanJesse HarastaJody HicksCraig Stapley, and Shawn Ingalls—with helping him become the person he is today. "The professors here are so passionate about their jobs and play a big part in my energy and how I feel about Caz."

Even though he struggled to find himself freshman year, Guerrero managed to improve academically and shine his senior year - even making the Dean's List. As a first-generation student, this was a big accomplishment that he enjoyed sharing with his family.

"Caz gave me the biggest game of my life," comments Guerrero. "If I compare it to basketball - freshman year would be the first quarter, where you're warming up. By the fourth quarter, you know what you are dealing with and you are ready to shine! Caz gave me a great game and I have enjoyed my experience."