Joshua DiPiazza standing in front of a tree
Class of 2020
“If it wasn’t for this program, I don’t know how successful I would’ve been."

Why the Cazenovia College Continuing Education Program?

I enjoyed the fact that I would be able to work during the day and night while also attending some classes at SCCC. The Continuing Education program allowed me to be super flexible with both work and school.

Why Inclusive Elementary Education?

I originally went to school for Architecture and quickly realized that I wasn’t an architect. Then, I went to HVCC for Business and got my Associate’s Degree. I had no clue where I wanted to take my next step, so I became a custodian at an elementary school down the road from my house. After being in the school every day, seeing the teachers and the children, I realized that I wanted to pursue teaching. I love being in an elementary school, being around kids, and having a different workday every single day.

Student Teaching

I did both of my student teachings during my last two semesters in the Continuing Education program. I think both of my student teachings helped me become a much better educator. They helped provide me with resources and connections that I can use down the line in my career.

Future Plans

I intend on becoming an elementary teacher who’s going to impact and change children’s lives. After some time as a teacher, I would like to become the principal of an elementary school.

Advice to Future Students

Sometimes, the classes are going to get tough and the schoolwork is going to seem like a lot, but don’t lose sight of your goals. I struggled sometimes and was thinking to myself, “Just go work full-time somewhere,” but I promise it will be worth it and you’ll be proud of yourself when you finally make it. Most of the professors in the program are so helpful and have great connections. Don’t doubt the things you can achieve, keep pushing, and go do great things in this world!