Sam Braun
Class of 2018
"Getting to know my professors... has opened a lot of doors for me."
Sam Braun, of Cazenovia, New York, transferred to Cazenovia College because the communication studies major was more closely aligned with his interest in broadcasting and video production than the prior institution he attended. Sam shares, "Cazenovia has the program that I actually want."

The communication studies faculty contribute to Sam's good experience at Cazenovia. Professor Heather Ferrara taught his first class in the discipline. "Ironically enough, it was titled 'Nonverbal Communication'," says Sam.

He also praises Professor Maureen Louis, his advisor as well as the faculty leader of the annual Great Debate, in which he participated and was recognized with 'The Best Affirmative Argument Award.' Explains Sam, "I was on the affirmative side, which lost, but it didn't matter. It was amazing to see the transformation of participants who were uncomfortable with public speaking to begin with, turn into impassioned advocates for their side."

Connections with faculty resulted in a summer internship with local television station Channel 9, where Sam works for the show Bridge Street. Tim Fox, executive producer for the show, is also an adjunct professor at the College.

Sam became acquainted with Fox through a video production class, which led to this exciting opportunity. "My experience at Caz has been incredibly engaging and afforded me a lot of opportunities I might not have had at other schools," says Sam. His favorite assignment from the class with Fox, a parody of a film trailer for an action movie, can be found online.

As a transfer student, Sam finds the campus, faculty and students extremely welcoming and is pleased with his decision to come to Caz. In addition to the academic and social advantages, Sam also received a scholarship. A fellow Cazenovia High School graduate, Garret Hansen, informed Braun of the Cazenovia High School Graduate Scholarship, which they both have received.

Reflecting on what advice to give to future students, Sam offers, "Ask Questions. Caz being a smaller school means that the instructors have more time to single you out and teach you one on one. Getting to know my professors, and even helping a couple of them out during class, has opened a lot of doors for me."