Class of 2022
“The experience I’ve had at Caz has been unparalleled and I’ll appreciate it forever.”


Why Cazenovia College?

I chose Cazenovia College because I was looking to go to a small school with a tight-knit community. Transferring from a bigger school, I found that I wanted to be on a smaller campus. I also knew that Caz has a great interior design program so that made my choice easier.


Why Interior Design?

Even though I’ve always had an eye for design, my dad being a general contractor is one of the main reasons I have so much interest in this field. When I was young, going to see the houses and other various projects he was working on always had me interested in architecture and design.

What I enjoy most about my major is the creative freedom we have with a lot of our projects. The professors in the Interior Design program are truly one of a kind, as they have so much knowledge from their experiences from being in the field to bring into our classes every day. One of the projects that I am most proud of was completing my senior thesis and turning my paper into an interactive exhibition space. This project was definitely one of the more challenging ones, but the outcome is one that I’m very proud of.


Interior Design Club

I am currently president of the Interior Design Club on campus. Being a part of the Interior Design Club has given me a sense of community within the Interior Design program. Through this club, we’re able to go on trips, do community service, and connect with the other members of the club and get to know them.

One of my favorite memories outside of the classroom was going to New York City with the Interior Design Club my first year at Caz. As a club, we were able to explore the city for a whole day and see some really amazing design showrooms, visit places like Times Square, and see all things interior design related.


Future Plans

After graduation, I plan on working full time for a tile showroom in Dennis Port, MA. With this opportunity lined up, I’ll be able to work as a design consultant to assist clients with their tile and stone selections, while also working with builders, designers, and architects.


Advice to Future Students

It’s important to get involved! Getting involved on campus - whether it’s through a club, a sport, or just meeting up with friends - will make your college experience worthwhile.