Class of 2020
“When I walked on campus, it was this immense feeling of opportunity and growth because I knew that I could finally be the person that I wanted to be and that this was the college where I could find myself.”
Why Cazenovia College?
I chose Cazenovia College because I came from a bigger high school where I was lost in the crowd. I knew the moment I started looking at colleges that I didn’t want to have that feeling again. When I took my tour of Cazenovia College, I knew right away this was my home, so much so that Cazenovia College was the only school I took a tour of.

What was your first experience on campus like?
When I walked onto campus for the first-time during orientation, I immediately knew that this was my chance to be my authentic self from the very beginning. Without having my family and friends judge me or watch my every move, I was fully able to shed the shy timid girl I once was and let my loud queer side out. This feeling of acceptance is what went into me co-founding Safe Place at Cazenovia (SPAC), so that other students could also openly feel welcomed as part of the Cazenovia College family.

What is your major? Do you have a minor?
I am a Psychology major with a minor in Human Services. I grew up surrounded by mental health issues, and I knew that I wanted to help other people who were in similar shoes. I want to become a mental health counselor, so skills from both Psychology and Human Services are very important to have.

Advice to Future Students
Cazenovia College is built so that you can make personal connections. Please go talk to your professors outside of class, go to your RA with your problems, join clubs and go on trips! Don’t be afraid to engage with the community because we will welcome you with open arms.

Reflection on Cazenovia Experience
Cazenovia College has given me a family I know I can always count on and the strength to stand up for what I believe in.