Class of 2021
“I love the way the professors really push you to do your best.”


Why Cazenovia College?

I chose Cazenovia College because I wanted to try somewhere that would get me out of my comfort zone. Coming from New York City, everything is always busy. Plus, I’ve gone to smaller schools my entire life which has allowed me to get to know my professors very well. I knew that Cazenovia College was a small college, and I would be able to better interact with my professors and get the help that I need because of that.


Why Human Services?

From a young age, I have always wanted to help people. I just felt like it was the right thing to do.

Since I come from the same background, I have always been an advocate for mothers who struggle with English as well as people with disabilities. I’m very passionate about making sure everyone's voice is heard.


Experience with Internships

I interned with the Inclusion Program for two years. I would help to arrange fun activities for the participants. I’d teach Spanish to some of the participants too and they caught on really fast.

I also had an internship with Peace Inc. which is a daycare in Syracuse that works with kids. Throughout my time there, I’d plan plenty of activities for the kids and teach them how to step since I’m on the Infinity Step Team here at Caz.


Advice to Future Students

Everyone makes mistakes in college, so don’t get discouraged when you feel like things aren’t going right. It’s in those moments where you grow as a person.


Reflection on Cazenovia Experience

Cazenovia College has helped me become a better person and to not be afraid to advocate for myself.