Cazenovia College Institutional Survey Data

Research shows that the more actively engaged students are – with college faculty and staff, with other students, with the subject matter being learned – the more likely they achieve higher levels of student success. Identifying what our students do in and out of the classrooms, knowing their goals, and understanding their external responsibilities can help us create an environment that can enhance learning, build stronger relationships with our students, improve retention, and a higher percentage of completions in our programs. 

In order to gather this important information from our student and employees, Cazenovia College administers the following institutional surveys The data received in these surveys identify further actions we need to continue improving the Caz Commitment in providing a quality education in a student-center learning environment and building a stronger college community. Cazenovia College conducts survey through HEDS to provide a comparison to other institutions which is a valuable tool in assessment. 


HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey

HEDS 2021 Cazenovia College Student Satisfaction Survey Summary (PDF)
2019 Cazenovia College Student Engagement Survey Summary (PDF)


HEDS Diversity Equity and Inclusion Survey

Spring 2022 HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey Summary (PDF)
Spring 2021 HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey Summary (PDF)

HEDS Title IX Sexual Assault Survey

Spring 2021 HEDS Title IX Sexual Assault Survey Summary (PDF)


HEDS Alumni Survey

Cazenovia 2021-2022 Alumni Survey UG (PDF)


Cazenovia College Safety Survey

Cazenovia College Safety Survey 2016 (PDF)


Cazenovia College Institutional Self-Assessment Survey

Cazenovia College 2022 Institutional Self-Assessment Survey Results (PDF)